The work

Buying the house meant a lot of work it needed a lot of maintenance. Utilities as electricity, natural gas and heating were in a poor condition. The paintwork was in very bad condition too. But gladly everything was in its original state.

A large copper geyser, type open fire, was fitted in the bathroom. The geyser is donated to the gas works museum. An old water supply Norton pump which pumped up water from the well for daily use in the house was already dismantled. The well is still in very good condition and is daily used for irrigating the garden.

During the building and renovation works we had a lot of visitors, known and unknown. They all were very curious about the “Pippi Long stocking House”. Many people did know the house from their trips to Oranjewoud. In the following years our house was rebuild little by little. Suddenly we were a big customer of the colour trade. And the contractor did send us also enough bills. We love every way of life, but the Capricorn Beetle isn’t welcome in our house so we had to control this little creature. We did buy a professional woodwork machine to create new or to restore the window frames, wooden boards and all other wooden framework.

We did reuse the original locks and hinges when possible. Broken locks and hinges we did replace with similar replacements we did find in Turkey, Poland and The Czech Republic. They still use these locks and hinges.

The inner climate of the house is perfect, cool in summer and snugly in winter. The insulation factor of the house isn’t very high. The walls consist out of wood at the outside and at the inside of fermacell and stucco works. There is a pleasant natural draught in the house which keeps it very dry and provides a clean air.

We often have a holiday experience, because we can hear the whistling of the birds indoors.

The insurance people don’t like these kinds of houses. It’s very difficult to find an insurance company that will accept a wooden house fitted with a reed roof. But luckily we did find a company specialised in these kinds of insurances.

The woodworks gets dirty through the Dutch weather and air pollution. Once a year we clean the whole outside of the house to make it bright and shining again, but also to see any defects in an early stage.


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