The house was build by order of Mr. T. Binnerts from Leeuwarden.

The architect named the house: “Landhuis Schoterland”. (Mansion Schoterland), the first owner named it ‘Heat Cottage’. The second owner renamed the house in about 1926: “Het Hoge Dak” (The High Roof). This name still remains. The house is a designed by Jos Souren, building contractor, Bachmanstraat 6 in The Hague. The building contractor let the building elements most likely made in Southeast Germany or Czechoslovakia. From this place it was transported by train to The Netherlands. Local carpenters did connect the different parts on the building site: “Straatweg, Oranjewoud”. Originally the house is most likely build as holiday home. The lifetime of such a house was estimated round about 25 years. The house was sold after six years to Mr. J.G. Venhuis at that time a biological teacher at the Heerenveen High School. The family lived in the house until the year 1992. We are the very satisfied occupants since than.

By chance we heard that the house was for sale. We did know of the existents of the house for all of our life through our Sunday trips to the “Overtuin” (Park in Oranjewoud). It always thrilled our imagination. The emotional bond of family Venhuis with the house was very great and they always had the fear that a new owner would tear the house down because of the lack of maintenance during their occupation. Happily this didn’t happen.


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