The house

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Our wooden house is build or rather said prefabricated in the year 1920. It has a surface area which measures approximately 57 m2. The house is build on a foundation of brown clinkers, through this kind of building this house is higher than normal. The house is of a wooden mass construction building type.

De timber from which the house is build is European Pine. The colours used, are very special; the horizontal elements are oxblood red, the vertical elements are ochre yellow and the window parts are lead white.

The house has one building layer and a roof storey under a wolves roofing. The roof is reed thatched. The woodworks of the first layer of the house exist out of horizontal wooden boards in a pot-lid style. The wooden boards are partly milled so the vertical wooden boards fit into the free space and cover the posts, between the posts are placed twelve squires of draught board, rhythmical joined by these posts. The front gables exists out of vertical ochre yellow wooden boards, these boards have a difference in length so you create a milled edge with somewhat of an overlap. The milled edge is highlighted by a white border. The shutters and outer doors are painted in “Amsterdam green” with some white accents.

The factory made wooden parts are marked with Roman figures. In the early days most of the parts used where handmade, so not all parts are interchangeable.

Since the year 1998 the house is registered as a national monument.

Monument number 510498.

Oranjewoud, Koningin Julianaweg 45.

Cadastral: Knijpe B 3584.


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